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Ceramic tiles can easily get dingy and dirty over the years, but rather than have them dug out of your shower or kitchen wall, have them professionally refinished by Jan's Tub Repair. If your ceramic tiles or grout are in good condition, and you're just looking for a new aesthetic, we can easily change their color for you.

Refinishing your tile and grout is much easier than going through the extensive, expensive process of replacing them altogether. Cracked tiles can be repaired and look anew again. Our paint creates a water-tight finish and gives a wonderful, smooth look to it all.

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Another benefit of refinishing is sealing in your backsplash or wall's grout lines. We spray directly over your tiles and grout, thus giving your area a fresh and clean look. You won't have hard-to-clean, dirty grout lines anymore.

We have 8 years of experience in tub and tile refinishing.

Don't Replace; Refinish

Grout Sealing

In addition to tile and grout refinishing, Jan's Tub Repair can refinish countertops, bathtubs, pools, spas and more. If you hire us for multiple jobs, we offer a discount!

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